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Hangcha DR-55 Plastic crusher

  • Used
  • 2020
  • Hangcha
  • Recycling Disposal
    Work Type
  • Cable Excavators
    Machinery Sub-Type

Basic technical characteristics
Naming Characteristics Ed. изм. Meaning
Productivity up to 1000 kg / h
Перерабатываемые материалы пленка, Big-begi, ПЭТ
Rotor diameter mm 500
Power supply kV 55
Скорость враяения вала приводного двигателя об / мин 1500
The speed of rotation of the rotor is 800 min
Силовая передача клиноременная
Профиль ремня С
Height mm 3750
Quantity st 4
Quantity of knives 12
Stationary things 4
Rotor shaft 8 (cutting-swing blade)
Exhaustive dimensions
Stationary knife mm L = 389
Rotary knife mm L = 389
Zazor between legs, stationary and movable mm 0,2..0,5
Working tension B ~ 380
Frequency Gc 50
Uroven forest during work loading (depending on the material) dB up to 100
Dimensions with bunker (DHSxV) mm 1850x1590x3190
Dimensions without hopper and block (DHSXV) mm 1850x1570x1840
Mass 3100 kg
Dimensions of the shaft axis (WxH) mm 780×540
Features constructions
Rama represents the room of a fierce welded construction. For the strengthening of constructions framed by special prefabricated floor poles and ribs of rigidity.
The body of the body is mounted on top of the hinges with the help of a sub-mechanism, which deprives the possibility of fast access to the knife and the solution, for their replacement and cleaning.
Knives have a guaranteed hardness of 53-55 HRC and are made of high-quality stainless steel 9HS.
Fractional set with high permeability ratio allows maximum use of crusher capabilities and increased productivity.
Reflector based on labyrinths and shovels, creating air bubbles, presenting penetrating water and small particles in the lattice node. Prepared from solid hardness 45-50 HRC.
High-pitched corps of fullness excludes the possibility of falling by storm and water
Protective plates protect the body from the train.



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